The Other Side

Joe Biden is going to be the next President of the United States. I am relieved. The whole world seemed to let out a massive sigh. It’s been said a million times already, but when you get fired from your job and bells ring in Paris, you globally sucked. 

Donald Trump is going down as the worst President of all time and most definitely in my lifetime.

Seriously, I am incredibly relieved. Tuesday night, I was more than tipsy and feeling massively morose. When Florida did not go Biden’s way, I started worrying. Wednesday through Friday, I watched more cable news than the last election and was trying desperately not to spiral down. Friday saw Pennsylvania get over the hump, and everyone could start to see how this was going to go. I started to feel better. I went to bed Friday convinced Biden was going to win and that it would be called soon. Saturday morning came, the call was made, and it was as if a great weight was lifted on the world. I’m not gonna lie… I choked up a bit. My wife said she thought she might cry. We were relieved.

The number of votes is astounding. It’s going to be the biggest election in terms of raw voters ever. Both sides had an unexpected turnout. Still, 75 million votes for Biden… it’s amazing.

Ultimately, it isn’t going to be particularly close. If it were, the massive amounts of bullshit we see now would be dwarfed by the GOP attempt at stealing the election. I mean, they are still trying, but it’s a joke, and the world has moved on. 

Still, since November 3, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ve been waiting for an actual coup to start where the current administration seizes absolute control, arrests the opposition, uses the military to put down protests, and generally turn the United States of America into a fascist state. 

That does not seem to be happening. 

Obviously, there is a slow-motion, incompetent attempted coup happening, but nothing is going to change. It’s smart to be wary and vigilant. However, Trump and the Republicans are not going to overturn the will of the people. This faithless electors bullshit isn’t going to work. In fact, it seems there are many Republicans who can’t seem to let it go and lose graciously. It is shameful, but then again, these Republicans don’t seem to feel shame or guilt.

Even with the constant drumming, there does not seem to be much in the way of voter fraud. Aside from the guy who was paid $300,000 from the GOP to lie about voter fraud. Look, there isn’t a voter fraud problem in this country. There isn’t. It’s been looked at a lot. It doesn’t meaningfully exist. 

The only real question will be when the Electoral College votes and the Senate confirms. I’ve been hoping that Trump will concede, so it becomes a rubber stamp like it has been for countless election cycles. I’m not sure he will ever concede. It’s not needed, of course, but it would make things easier. There is no play Trump can do legally to remain in power.

Like this entire sordid affair, his refusing to concede is a grift. It’s a scam. Trump is a con man who continually finds marks. Hell, he found 70 million of them a week or so ago. He’s just trying to snag more cash to pay down his campaign debts and likely line his own pockets. The legal challenges are getting laughed out of court. They are literally the equivalent of holding your breath until you get your way. Eventually, you have to breathe.

It doesn’t matter if Trump concedes or not. Biden is the President-Elect. He will be sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office on January 20, 2021. 

In the meantime, Senate control is still possible for the incoming Biden Administration. If the runoff elections in Georgia go the Democrats way, imagine what could be achieved?

We aren’t all the way to the other side. We still have 70 odd days of dealing with Trump and his sycophants, and the United States is a deeply divided country. 

Nonetheless, I hope that a Biden administration will start the healing process.