Election Day 2020

I don’t know what’s going to happen today and the rest of the week and, frankly, neither do you. The not-knowing is not fun. The anticipation, one way or another, is disquieting. It’s disconcerting. 

I’ve been home for more than 230 days and the continued fear of the unknown is almost paralyzing. With COVID-19, we have no idea when it will end, what will happen, how it might mutate into something worse, and what life looks like on the other side. 

The election of 2020 is exactly the same. 

I have no doubt Joe Biden will win the popular vote, and he will probably win by a huge number. If you look at the 538 Election Forecast, you see Biden with a 90% chance of earning the required 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency. All that being said, I’m still anxious and nervous.

The Electoral College is absolute bullshit and it should be abolished as soon as possible. Election Night would be simple if we would choose our presidents by popular vote. There would be no more swing states or contested votes, or hanging chads. There would be none of this Supreme Court deciding the outcome crap. Voter suppression would go away. Having this Electoral College is an outdated and stupid concept that does not reflect what the majority of 330 million people truly want in a representative democracy.

Right now though, none of that matters. 

I sincerely believe Joe Biden is going to get the most votes and, consequently, is highly likely to have 270 plus electoral college votes. All the polling says so. It has been steady for months and nothing Trump has tried has stuck to Biden.

However, the polls can tell us nothing about the absolute bullshit the Trump campaign is about to do regarding court challenges, honest counting, and judicial decisions in dozens of states. I’m fearful of not having a clear winner by Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I hope I’m glaringly wrong, but I think it will be bad and could turn violent and ugly. 

What will people do who live in an alternate reality where they are being told time and time again that their side cannot lose unless by some rigged rules? There will be anger in the streets, but what will actually happen?

Honestly, I’m not going to think about it all that much. Coming up with dozens of theories and guesses is not particularly healthy. I can play “what if” games until January 20, but I shouldn’t. Sure, there are people on both sides who have been gearing up for this fight for months, but I’m not one of them. 

I’ve resigned myself to, “I don’t know what’s going to happen.” And that’s probably the healthiest thing I can do.

See you on the other side. Vote.