Fancasting: The Collapsing Empire

John Scalzi’s Interdependency trilogy has just concluded and it’s one of my favorite space operas. I want to see this on screen in the same way fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and The Expanse wanted to see their favorites take shape.

I know the rights have been purchased, but I do not know by whom or if a television series will ever get made. So, I’ve taken to fancasting the series as if I was the casting director for a premium channel version.

Cardenia Wu-Patrick/Grayland II     Chloe Bennet
The actress has to be of Japanese/Chinese and Caucasian background. Bennet has been a part of a large ensemble and would be one of our two leads.

Lord Marce Claremont     Skyler Astin
The actor has to express youthful energy and a bit of the awe of the big city/pageantry. Astin has been a TV lead and part of an ensemble. 

Lady Kiva Lagos     Summer Bishil
The actress has to have some bite and DGAF energy. Bishil can sell that in spades.

Nadashe Nohamapetan     Natalie Morales
As the main antagonist, Morales could play against type. A perfect outer shell hiding the deviousness. Morales can deliver both sides. She is Cuban and not Indian or Middle Eastern, but I think it can be overlooked.

Ghreni Nohamapetan     Manish Dayal
Amit Nohamapetan     Kunal Nayyar
The brothers of Nadashe, they need to have stronger Indian/Middle Eastern looks. Both can sell competent, but unsure which both characters need.

Less important casting choices —

Emperox Attavio VI     George Takei
We need a Japanese/Chinese actor. Ostensibly not a very large role, but one in need of gravitas and humility. 

Prophet-Emperox Rachela I     Brenda Song
With this role, a pretty but smarter than she looks type is needed. Song is a good choice because it isn’t a big role, but an important one.

Hatide Roynold     Kirsten Vangsness
The entire time this character was in the book, I saw Vangeness in the role. Maybe it was just me watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds.

Naffa Dolg     Zoë Kravitz
This would be no more than a cameo. It would be cool to get a pretty big name actress to sell the friendship and loss that comes all to quickly.

Vrenna Claremont     Gina Careno
A female badass is what is needed for this role. Careno fits in perfectly.

Count of Claremont     Pierce Brosnan
I just like the idea of adding Brosnan here as he has enough of a presence to make the story points on planet End and he’s old enough to be the father of both Careno and Astin.

Senia Fundapellon     Nathalie Emmanuel
Beautiful and smart is what we are looking for here. Having a strong rapport with Bishel is a must.

Tomas Reynauld Chenevert     Christopher Lambert
One of my favorite casting choices. Of course, his work on The Expanse might preclude him from the role.