I grew up in a house full of books, science fiction mostly, and boxes and boxes of silver-age comics. Naturally, I read quite a bit too. With all the reading, it was natural that I would write.

A third-grade writing project called “The Bionic Spider versus the Bionic Fly” was received warmly even with the derivative theme. It also led me down the path to writing and crafting my own fiction.

During my senior year in college, I had an internship writing sports information. In fact, I was able to write my own press release about being the captain of my school’s cross country team. The experience drew me to marketing and promotional copywriting, which I’ve been doing for most of my career.

In 2005, I wrote (and my local newspaper published) a story about becoming an MTV winner, along with my best friend, and going to see the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

Since 2018, I’ve written nearly fifty articles for the University Of Illinois Department Of Intercollegiate Athletics. A couple of my favorites include interviews with Jamarra Dosunmu, Andres Feliz, and Tony Khan.

Starting in 2021, I’m reorganizing, rewriting, and reposting twenty years of essays and blog posts onto my Medium publication, The Multiverse. If you are interested in traveling The Multiverse, I recommend starting by reading Be Kind, The Great Someday, and It’s All Fun and Games ’till Somebody Pokes an Eye Out.

While I technically do not have a freelance copywriting business, I am available for writing projects and consultation.