Sean McDevitt dot net is written and produced by Sean McDevitt.

It is a micro blog on pop culture, politics, news, technology and really whatever strikes my fancy. Published from Champaign, Illinois and made mostly on a tired 2011 MacBook Pro. Updated daily, but not always on the same day. I do not have time to do a newsletter.

Correspondence. I encourage you to send me your comments. Unfortunately, I am incredibly busy with work, life, etc. If I don’t respond, please don’t take it personally.

Please address correspondence to:

Publishing and Hosting. Nearly all writing and editing is done using Word and Google Docs. I really want to start using Ulysses more.

This site is hosted by Blot. David Merfield is great to work with.

Blogroll. Inspired by Dave Winer, my Shared Collection is a river of my interests. It’s like an old school blogroll reshaped for the 21st century.

It’s like in a book or record store, the staff says this is what we like, this is what we read and listen to. These are our sources. — Dave Winer

I do much of my reading online via Feedly and the Shared Collection is a way for others to see what I’m reading on a daily basis. It’s a list of news sources, writers I like and other assorted curiosities. I don’t imagine everything here is for everyone, but hopefully something will catch your eye.

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