The Minor Leagues I look into my crystal ball and make a crazy prediction.

The Minor Leagues – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Mark my words - Senator Barack Obama will be president. He’s articulate, smart, funny, witty and has a smile to die for. He’s well liked by both sides and connects with his constituents in a way that reminds me of Bill Clinton. I met him once before the last election and he was charismatic and charming.

Snob Mentality Have you any Grey Poupon?

Snob Mentality – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

I accused someone of being a snob the other day. He was quite proud of the fact and turned it into an exercise in thinking for yourself. I applaud his self-esteem. In retrospect, we will simply agree to disagree. It’s funny, though, because I agree with him completely on one thing and then disagree with him on another.

In Defense of Informed Opinion I'm a master debater.

In defense of informed opinion – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

I got into a debate with my Dad about opinions. I argued that everybody isn’t entitled to his or her opinion. I say they are entitled to their informed opinion. Otherwise, it’s just flotsam and jetsam; sound and fury signifying nothing as Bill Shakes would say. These uninformed masses are ignorant.

April Scott Interview Because it never hurts to ask.

April Scott Interview – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

I’ve found a star on the horizon. Her names is April Scott, an amazingly beautiful and talented model/actress. She starred in the latest Motley Crue video; she was on CSI: Miami, the Shield and Entourage. She’s appeared in ad campaigns for Mearl Norman Cosmetics, the 2005 Bacardi Calendar and the 2006 Dreamgirls Calendar.