A Brand New Era Doctor Who jumps into the 21st century.

A Brand New Era – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

This past weekend saw millions of women standing up and protesting the ascension to the highest court in the land someone who could literally take their rights away. It was not a silent protest. It was loud and obnoxious because otherwise they would be ignored. Otherwise, they’d be dismissed.


Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Hippie Spock is the best Spock

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

I might have learned my lesson. Stay with me here. I had a lot of trouble with the look and feel of Star Trek Discovery. I didn’t like the ship design, the costumes, the interior design, the make-up design, and the Klingons. And I hadn’t watched a single second of the show.

Back & Forth: Cardinals Off-Season “Now batting third, Bryce Harper…”

Back & Forth: Cardinals Off-Season – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Grant Like every off-season, the Cardinals are in a unique position to make significant improvements on last year’s success. And, like every season, I expect a great number of players will avoid Missouri like the plague, and we’ll end up in second-place in bidding on a number of free agents.