Catching Lightning in a Bottle Rock and roll never forgets.

Catching Lightning in a Bottle – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

You can’t go home again… that’s the trite little saying you tell yourself when you try and revisit the glories of the past. Rarely does a return trip into the world of our youth measure up to the nostalgia of our pure memories.

My Ten Favorite Trade Paperbacks of 2005 My collection got significantly bigger.

My Ten Favorite Tradepaperbacks of 2005 – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Patience is a virtue, they say. And good things come to those who wait. So, I’ve become a wait-for-the-trade kinda guy with my comic book collecting. Bear in mind, I do buy a few single comic book issues here and there and I basically bought the Waid/Kitson Legion of Super Heroes run since I was afraid it would not merit being turned into a trade paperback (I was wrong).

Journey | Assembly Hall | Sunday December 4 | 7:30 pm Don’t stop believing.

Journey | Assembly Hall | Sunday December 4 | 7:30 pm

My musical tastes developed in high school. However, I’m not sure many of you out there on the Internets were subjected to the great Iron Maiden - Journey debate. Here’s how it went: On my high school cross-country team, Jeff Rodgers liked Iron Maiden and Jeff Kyle liked Journey.

The Minor Leagues I look into my crystal ball and make a crazy prediction.

The Minor Leagues – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Mark my words - Senator Barack Obama will be president. He’s articulate, smart, funny, witty and has a smile to die for. He’s well liked by both sides and connects with his constituents in a way that reminds me of Bill Clinton. I met him once before the last election and he was charismatic and charming.

Snob Mentality Have you any Grey Poupon?

Snob Mentality – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

I accused someone of being a snob the other day. He was quite proud of the fact and turned it into an exercise in thinking for yourself. I applaud his self-esteem. In retrospect, we will simply agree to disagree. It’s funny, though, because I agree with him completely on one thing and then disagree with him on another.