Let the Music Do the Walking If it’s digital, you’re just renting even if you “bought” it.

Let the Music Do the Walking – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Apparently, it is not well known that when you buy something digitally you really don’t own the thing. You are buying a license to read the book, watch the movie, or listen to the music. You don’t really have it. There is a real difference between buying a CD at Barnes and Noble and buying an album on iTunes.

Copy Machine Have you heard of this band from England called Led Zeppelin?

Copy Machine – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

Imagine if you will four young musicians. Three of them are siblings growing up in a household full of KISS, Alice Cooper, and Cheap Trick vinyl. Their parents would spin the discs nightly. Everyone would be jamming to KISS Alive! and Cheap Trick at Budokan whenever there was a family road trip.