“The experience changes lives…” Buckley makes gift of education.

‘The Experience Changes Lives’ – Buckley Makes Gift of Education

A popular misconception about student-athletes is that they receive a free education. In reality, their education is paid for through the I FUND. The I FUND provides scholarship support for more than 500 University of Illinois student-athletes in all sports. As tuition and fees steadily rise, private support for athletic scholarships is more vital than ever.

My story is up on fightingillini.com featuring Linda Buckley and her gift toward the iFund.

“I’m a product of a great institution” Levenick credits U of I.

‘I’m a product of a great institution’ – Levenick credits U of I

By Sean McDevitt FightingIllini.com Staff Writer An incredibly small percentage collegiate student-athletes will go on and play their sport professionally. The rest will be professionals in the “real world.” An even smaller percentage are able to do both. Stu Levenick was able to do both.

My latest story on fightingillini.com about former football standout Stu Levenick.

“Showing progress, commitment” Ubben Renovation Plan Unveiled

‘Showing Progress, Commitment’ – Ubben Renovation Plan Unveiled

By Sean McDevitt FightingIllini.com Press Release | Press Conference Twenty years ago Google was founded. Twenty years ago the first iMac was introduced. Twenty years ago the sitcom Seinfeld ended. And twenty years ago, the Richard T. Ubben Basketball Complex was opened. Groundbreaking for Richard T.

Here’s my piece on the plans to update the Ubben Basketball Complex. I expect in a few years, Illinois Basketball is going to be on a serious upswing.

“Awestruck by our potential” Whitman Not Taking Foot Off Pedal

‘Awestruck by our Potential’ – Whitman not taking foot off pedal

For many Division 1 athletic programs the summer months are a time to exhale and set the cruise control for a bit. Not Illinois. Athletic Director Josh Whitman presented updates on several initiatives and clearly the foot has not let up on the gas pedal.

I’m awestruck by the aggressive positivity of the guy and his unrelenting drive to make Illinois athletics a powerhouse again. In all sports.

United Center Tradition To Continue, With a Twist

United Center Tradition to Continue, with a Twist

United Center Tradition to Continue, with a Twist By Sean McDevitt FightingIllini.com Illinois Basketball is set to continue its long tradition of playing a home game at the United Center in Chicago. However, this upcoming season will see the Fighting Illini facing a Big Ten opponent.