Let’s Talk About Poop “A real man doesn’t go between his cheeks.” Um, what?

Let’s Talk About Poop – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

As you may have read, we have a new puppy in the house. Rocco is now just over two months old and is still learning what it means to be the family dog. As it turns out, we are all trying to figure…

Be Better Does my voice matter in a cacophony of voices?

Be Better – Sean McDevitt | Writer – Medium

For the last couple of years, I’ve been struggling with my creative output. I call myself a writer, but I have not written much lately. Point of fact, I’ve never really struggled with doing the writing so much as with the need to publish. That goes for social media as well.

“The Opportunity to Commemorate Their Passion” Smith family $20 million gift to the Illinois Athletic Program largest ever.

‘The opportunity to commemorate their passion’

With some families, it doesn’t take long to figure out. Within minutes of walking into their home or learning how they spent their Saturday, you know if the family is an Illinois football family. It may be memorabilia in every room (or one particular room).