“Whomp Whomp”

Corey Lewandowski doing a sad trombone sound is unconscionable. The lack of empathy for, and callousness toward, the children affected is just astonishing.

This is the story on the little girl.

“Cruelty is the content of his character”

On the level of character, no one can be much surprised by the latest cruelty in Donald Trump. How much reminding is necessary? Mexicans are “rapists.” John McCain is no war hero. Maxine Waters is a “very low I.Q. individual.” Trump imitates the tremors of a disabled journalist. He insults the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then, in the midst of that island’s devastation, stops by to toss rolls of paper towels to the needy. He revels in insulting Chris Christie, who was briefly the chairman of his transition team (“No more Oreos!”); he finds ever-more disgusting and misogynist ways to humiliate Megyn Kelly, Mika Brzezinski, Carly Fiorina, and, above all, Hillary Clinton. With a smirk, he tosses a clump of mud at a Gold Star family. Trump’s biographers make it plain that he is a man incapable of empathy, charity, compassion, or generosity. Ask yourself when you last saw Donald Trump commit an act of genuine kindness. When did he last make a joke that wasn’t at someone else’s expense? He has not only proved ruthless to his enemies, real and perceived, he has also turned on employees, mentors, family members, and loyal aides. Cruelty is the content of his character and the foundation of his politics.

— David Remnick, Trump’s Cruelty and the Crying Children at the Border

The only way this changes is by voting in November.

The Two Simple Secrets to Good Ideas

Secret #1 is the biggest one: More bad ideas. The more bad ideas the better. If you work really hard on coming up with bad ideas, sooner or later, some good ideas are going to slip through. This is much easier than the opposite approach.

Secret #2 is more important: Generosity. It’s much easier and more effective to come up with good ideas for someone else. Much easier to bring a posture of insight and care on behalf of someone else. It lets you off the hook, too.

— Seth Godin

Hugely Lucky

So today is Father’s Day.  I am hugely lucky: my daughter still talks to me, sent me a card, texted to check in.  For a panoply of reasons, Father’s Day isn’t a good day for a lot of other people.  So look after yourselves today.

In my personal opinion, Father’s Day isn’t about me anyway.  So if you rank as a father – which means, if you are a male-identified person raising a kid — check on your kid and see if they need anything.  Just for them, and just for me, because that’s what we’re supposed to do

— Warren Ellis

Dykstra Manifesto

Actress and professional cosplayer Chloe Dykstra has published a lengthy autobiographical essay on her Medium account, in which she accuses an unnamed ex-boyfriend (who is obviously Chris Hardwick) of sexually and emotionally abusing her throughout the entire tenure of their long-term relationship. Hardwick denies any sexual assault.

I’m not picking sides. I don’t want to believe that people I admire are capable of any kind of abuse, but I know better. Reserving judgement and not rushing toward a #metoo moment or some other cause seems like the prudent thing to do.