Broadway Stars Team Up For Song On Gun Violence – News & Guts Media

Take a listen to this mash up from Broadway stars Lin Manuel-Miranda and Ben Platt. The tune, which dropped at midnight, is titled “Found/Tonight” and it combines music from both “Hamilton” and “Dear Evan Hansen.” The song was inspired by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas who have now made it their mission to fight gun violence.

Ben Platt on Twitter

Honored to team up with @Lin_Manuel on “Found/Tonight,” a gorgeous mashup of @HamiltonMusical and @DearEvanHansen arranged by the great @LacketyLac. Proceeds go to the incredible #MarchForOurLives Initiative, so stream & download & listen! #GunControlNow

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter

Here’s our Musical Theater Marvel/DC crossover. #FoundTonight 👇🏽Here’s our Superman. Thank you @BenSPLATT.

Emma González on Twitter

I just listened to it and I can’t stop crying I’m gonna listen to this forever holy heck


“WKRP in Cincinnati End Credits” Lyrics

The lyrics to the closing theme of WKRP Yeah, there aren’t really any lyrics. I know! This is for fun.

WKRP ending theme song with lyrics

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WKRP in Cincinnati closing credits theme song lyrics – REAL LYRICS, NO NONSENSE

Ever since WKRP in Cincinnati premiered in 1978, people have been perplexed with the closing ending lyrics. It was originally reported that the song “didn’t have lyrics”, but Hugh Wilson stated in an interview that the semi-comprehensible lyrics were actually an early demo that the author of the song, Jim Ellis, sent to him to see if he approved.

Which are the true lyrics?

“I realised on Saturday that I’d missed the sight of icicles.  I must have sat there and looked at the icicles on the roof of the covered area of my garden for five minutes… Yeah, it’s all nuts out there.  Roll with it.  Don’t let them frighten you. Fear is all they’ve got. Fear makes us stupid and angry and that’s what makes us fall and stay down. Roll and keep going.  These are not the things that will kill us.  Give yourself something today. Even if it’s only five minutes looking at some icicles.

“Hold on tight.”

— Warren Ellis


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